RSR-4H-BigRSR-400 Storm Resistant


4″ Deep Storm Resistant Louver; extruded aluminum construction; frame with channel profile; corner joints mitered and mechanically fastened, with continuous recessed caulking channel each side; intermediate mullions matching frame; gutters to drain rain water to jamb and mullion downspouts; rated for an air performance and water penetration maintained effectiveness rate of 0.99 when tested in accordance with AMCA 500-L.


  • Free Area: 50% , based on a test sample of 48 in (1219 mm) x 48 in (1219 mm)
  • Beginning point of water penetration (@0.01oz. / ft2 of free area)—1,207 fpm (6.1 m/s)
  •  Maintains Class A rating with 29mph wind velocity @ 3 in/hr rainfall rate @ Max. intake core velocity – 791 fpm (4.0 m/s)
  •  Maintains Class B rating with 50mph wind velocity @ 8 in/hr rainfall rate @ Max. intake core velocity—785 fpm (4.0 m/s)
  •  Intake pressure drop at beginning point of water penetration – 0.39 in. wg (97 Pa)
  •  Intake pressure drop @ 1,000 fpm free area velocity—0.28 in. wg (70 Pa)
  •  Discharge loss coefficient Classification —Class 3


  • The louver test was based on a 39.375 in. (1.0 m) x 39.375 in. (1.0 m) core area unit tested at a rainfall rate of 3 in. per hour (75 mm/hr) and with a wind directed to the face of the louver at a velocity 29mph (13 m/s) as well as a rainfall rate of 8” per hour (203 mm) and a wind of 50 mph (23.3 m/s). The test data shall show the water penetration effectiveness rating at each corresponding ventilation rate.
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